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Active Balancing Systems


Systems for the monitoring of the machine condition primarily check, if vibrations are within a permissible range.

What, however, if the limits are exceeded? Then the machine must be stopped immediately, in order i.e. to balance the rotors using field balancing devices. This results in loss of production!

Downtime can be avoided, if active balancing systems are installed. With these systems the unbalance can be reduced to preset limit values during operation of the rotating part. This not only permits for monitoring of the unbalance vibrations but also for elimination of their source.

Hofmann active balancing systems have been successfully used in machine tools for many decades.

Active Balancing Systems

Overview of the systems

  • HB 6000 - Balancing at highest accuracy and high rotational speeds using fluids
  • MB 4002 - Mechanical, standardised balancing system for external attachment to the spindle or internal installation in the spindle
  • AB 9000 - Electro-magnetic ring balancing system with adaptive system identification for high precision, short balancing time up to very high rotational speeds

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