Active balancing

MecBalancer MB 4002

The active balancing system MB 4002 is the standard balancing system for automatic balancing of grinding wheels and spindles during operation.

Balancing System MecBalancer MB 4002
  • Features
    • Balancing during rotation in one or two planes with unbalance monitoring.
    • Balancing through electro-mechanical displacement of two balancing weights in the balancing head according to the split weight method.
    • Balancing heads with various balancing capacities for flange mounting or spindle integration.
    • Non-contact, wear-free transmission of energy for the actuator motors.
    • Four channel version for driving four independent balancing heads.
  • Applications
    • Automatic (active) balancing of grinding wheels and grinding spindles or other rotors
    • Balancing during operation without having to stop the machine
Technical data
Measuring electronics
Number of channels
1 / 4
Balancing planes
1 / 2
Vibration sensor
1 / 2 / 4
Speed range
300 - 100,000 1/min
Displacement range
0.01 - 100 µm RMS
Control panel
Keyboard with tactile feedback, IP67
4x20 LCD, illuminated
I/O interface
24 V, 25 pin sub-D
Case or 19" Rack
Balancing head
Flange mounting or spindle integration
Balancing capacity and dimensions
according to version
Energy and signal transmission
HMA 1130, 100 mV/g

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