Active balancing

Ring Balancer AB 9000

AB 9000 is the innovative active balancing system for the automatic balancing of all types of rotors.

Ring Balancer AB 9000
  • Features
    • Automatic (active) balancing of rotors (e.g. grinding wheels, grinding spindles, turning chucks, fans) in one or two planes with unbalance monitoring.
    • Active balancing during operation without having to stop the machine.
    • Ring shaped balancing unit for efficient, space-saving integration into the rotor.
    • Balancing to very high rotational speeds in very short time by fast electro-magnetic actuator and adaptive balancing process.
    • Non-contact, wear-free transmission of energy for the actuator positioning the balancing weights.
    • Pre-balancing software for manual correction of basic unbalance; AB 9000 then only balances the new operational unbalances.
    • Neutralising of balancing unit possible, e.g. for pre-balancing.
    • Indication of remaining balancing capacity.
    • PC operation software
  • Applications
    • Automatic (active) balancing of all types of rotors.
    • Balancing during operation without having to stop the machine.
    • Inducing test unbalances for system identification
    • Generating unbalances during acceptance test.
Technical data
Number of channels
2 / 4
Balancing planes
1 / 2
Speed range
200 - 120,000 1/min
0.01 - 1,000 µm
PC interface
RJ 45
PLC interface
D-Sub 25 and D-Sub 9
Desktop housing or 19" Rack
Balancing unit
Balancing capacity
depending on size, 100 gmm - 3.2 kgm
Inner diameter
38 - 355 mm
Outer diameter
100 - 700 mm
28 - 94 mm
HMA 1830, 100 mV/g
PMG 81, 42.4 mV/(mm/s)

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