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1 Plane Measuring and Balancing Machine for Railway Carriage Wheels Type BVW-F

The machine type BVW is a hard-bearing (force measuring) balancing machine, designed to process disc shaped rotors with large diameters and high weights. Both determination of unbalance and mass removal for correction takes place in one clamping (one station). The rotor may be loaded either manually (lifting gear) or automatically (robot or loading gantry).

Balancing Machines for Rail Vehicles / Railway Carriage Wheels
  • Features
    • Compact design
    • Permanent calibration
    • Rugged construction
    • Mass compensation through radial milling (circular milling / form cutting)
    • Ideal accessibility (loading / unloading)
    • Siemens PLC standard
    • Unbalance compensation to UIC 812-3 and EN 13262
    • Possibility of CAQ interface
  • Applications
    • Volume production of railway carriage wheels, wheel brake discs or friction rings
    • Polar unbalance correction
Technical Specifications

Weight, max.kg2001000
External diametermm610-1100710-1290
Width x depth x heightmm1550 x 4880 x 3200 2300 x 4670 x 3400
Loading height, approx.mm13001250
Balancing speed, approx.min-1 360250
Measuring uncertainty1)gm< 0.2< 0.4
Cycle time, approx.min3-43-4
1) Depending on workpiece, the required milling angle and the set interval for control measurement

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