Brake discs

1 Plane Measuring and Balancing Machine for Brake Discs Type BVW-FH

Integrated into a manufacturing line, the type BVW-FH balancing machine can be used alternatively as simple single station machines with overhead transport or as single or multi-station machines with rotary transfer. The unbalance is measured and immediately corrected by circular milling in a single correction plane.

1 Plane Measuring and Balancing Machine for Brake Discs Type BVW-FH
  • Features
    • Modular base machine concept
    • Compact design
    • Each machine can be expanded according to cycle time requirements
    • Mass compensation through radial milling (circular milling on the outside diameter)
    • Siemens PLC standard
    • Predetermined loader interface
    • Possibility of CAQ interface
  • Applications
    • Volume production of brake discs, integrated into the production line
    • Polar unbalance correction
Technical Specifications
Weight, max.kg3-25
External diametermm230-410
Width x depth x heightmm
Depending on the number of stations
Balancing speed, approx.min-1 650
Cycle time1)sec.
1) Depending on workpiece, the required milling angle and the set interval for control measurement

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