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Measuring and Balancing Machine for Clutch Pressure Plates CVW-N

The type CVW-N balancing machine reduces the unbalance by placing rivets in prepunched compensation holes. In order to respond to ever stricter quality control requirements, feeding and pressing of the rivet as well as the subsequent check run are performed in one station.

Measuring and Balancing Machine for Clutch Pressure Plates CVW-N
  • Features
    • Measuring, feeding rivets and pressing rivets in one clamping
    • Linear infeed axis with linear direct drives (fast handling)
    • Expandable by a sliding second measuring station
    • 2 to 3 rivet types in mixed operation
    • Predefined robot interface
  • Applications
    • Volume production of clutch pressure plates manually or integrated into a manufacturing cell
Technical Specifications

Weight, max.kg1010
Diameter D, max.mm330330
Width x depth x heightmm
1950 x 2100 x 2200 2850 x 2200 x 2200
Balancing speed, approx.min-1 600 600
Cycle time1), approx.sec.
Stations  1
1) With insertion of correction rivets and check run

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