Con rods

Measuring and Balancing Machine for Passenger Car Con Rods Type PHW

The type PHW measuring and taring machines are designed depending on the cycle time requirements and the scope of work (deburring, brushing), where the most complete configuration would consist of weighing and taring of small and big end as well as deburring with a cycle time of 4.8 seconds.

Measuring and Balancing Machine for Passenger Car Con Rods Type PHW
  • Features
    • Integrated con rod eye measurement
    • State of the art weighing technology
    • 1 or 2 milling stations (big end and small end)
    • 1 or 2 deburring stations (planing process)
    • 1 or 2 brushing stations
    • All axes NC controlled
    • Complete enclosure for low noise level
  • Applications
    • Large volume production of con rods for the automotive industry and suppliers
Technical Specifications

Machining big-endxxx
Machining small-endxx
Weight, max.kg100010001000
Bore gauge1mm145-180145-180
Bore, big-end1mm50-6550-6595-105
Bore, small-end1mm10-3010-3049-59
Width x depth x heightmm
6600 x 3700 x 2500 6100 x 3000 x 2200  4400 x 4400 x 3000
Attainable tolerance2
grams +-2+-22-10
Measuring uncertaintygrams0.20.20.5
Cycle timesec.
< 5
< 6
Stations1262 / 3

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