Balancing Machine for Crankshafts Type KHK21-B1 and KHK12-B

Type KHK balancing machines are designed for the balancing of in-line and V-crankshafts in several correction planes in one or more processing steps.

Balancing Machine for Crankshafts Type KHK21-B1 and KHK12-B1
  • Features
    • Automatic balancing of 3 cylinder in-line to 12 cylinder V-crankshafts
    • Drill spindle prepared for coolant and Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL)
    • Optional automatic drill changer
    • Machine design with integrated switch cabinet
    • Standard model completely enclosed with front loading door and loading hatch
  • Applications
    • Balancing of car and truck crankshafts for in-line 3 cylinder to V12 cylinder engines
    • Can be used as a single machine with manual loading as well as with automatic loading by loading gantry
    • Unbalance compensation by drilling with one and two spindle drilling unit.
Technical Specifications

Overall lengthmm300-600350-1250
Main bearing diametermm30-8065-125
Journal distance, min.mm7785
Fly circle radius crankpin, max.mm100160
CompensationDrilling with MQLDrilling with MQL
Compensation radiusmm10060-160
Measuring planes22
Measuring systemdisplacement measuring w/ maintenance-free sensorsdisplacement measuring w/ maintenance-free sensors
Cycle time min.cycle time chart for each shaft will be suppliedcycle time chart for each shaft will be supplied
Unbalance reduction ratio%9595
Measuring driveslide bearing shells with hook or pin driveslide bearing shells with hook or pin drive
Machine data
Width x depth x heightmm2600 x 2100 x 2200 4300 x 2600 x 2500
Balancing speedrpm200-650200-650
Measuring uncertainty1)gmm/kg11
1) Depending on workpiece

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