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Runout Testing Systems


Rotating machinery is being monitored to secure the availability. For rotors with anti-friction bearings the housing or pedestal vibrations will be used for monitoring (ISO 10816). For rotors running in sleeve bearings the relative shaft vibrations will be monitored (ISO 7919, API).

To measure the relative shaft vibrations eddy current sensors will be applied (for example Hofmann type WSG). Those sensors measure the lateral shaft movement in an axial rotor plane close to a bearing plane.

The measuring signal of the eddy current sensors will be influenced by deviations from the ideal circular geometry of the respective rotor plane (mechanical runout) and by residual magnetism and variations of the shaft material properties (electrical runout). Such deviations simulate a vibration. Therefore the montioned deviations must not exceed certain limit values.

With the Hofmann Runout Testing System RO 7000 a measuring tool is available to check the runout of a rotor's measuring planes used for vibration monitoring. The measuring software takes the measuring data about the total and the mechanical runout to calculate the electrical runout and displays it depending on the angular position of the rotor. That information will then be used to arbitrarily change the actual runout for given limits.

In addition to the portable Runout Testing Systems RO 7000 Hofmann also offers complete Runout Testing Machines type UHR. Runout is often being tested on lathes. However then those machine tools are not available for the production. Also the rotor bearings of a lathe have limited accuracy. On the other hand Hofmann Runout Testing Machines are independent measuring devices providing precision rotor bearings.

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